Gadwall Terrace

Gadwall Terrace – 7 x two-bedroom houses and 1 x three-bedroom accessible bungalow completed in winter 2021.

Gadwall Terrace, situated at Sheldrake Drive, comprises of 7 two-bedroom houses and 1 three-bedroom accessible bungalow.


The accessible bungalow has been designed for wheelchair users, so no further modifications are required, and each home has a garden and two parking spaces, solar panels and energy-efficient boilers.


Gadwall Terrace has also had trees and shrubs planted to support a greener, healthier Ipswich. Built to the highest standard, these new properties include energy-efficient boilers, solar panels and good insulation.


Handford Homes has handed these properties over to Ipswich Borough Council which will let and manage these properties. The development has been part funded by Homes England