Hawke Road

We are designing a new scheme for the former Diesco site on Hawke Road which will incorporate the current recreation and play area. The new scheme is set to include new play and recreation facilities, as well as new homes.

Our Development Proposal

26 New Council Homes

The proposals include 6 one and two bedroom flats and 20 two, three and four bedroom houses. One of the flats is fully wheelchair accessible and all the new homes can easily be adapted for wheelchair users in the future. The new homes will be arranged along Hawke Road and Holbrook Road.

Environmental Considerations

All the houses have good sized gardens; both the houses and flats will have access to EV charging and all the new homes will have solar panels and good insulation. There will be generous landscaping and wherever possible the existing trees have been retained to provide a green setting to the new buildings. Each house will have a good-sized garden which will, along with the general high-level of planting, and measures such as hedgehog highways make a positive contribution to bio-diversity.


All the new homes will have allocated parking as well as ample visitor car parking. The development will be completely self-contained as far as parking is concerned to avoid any spill over into adjoining streets.


The new “Gas Works” play area is designed to reflect the area’s history. The play area includes zones for Toddlers, Juniors, Balls, Active Climbing and Active Sport as well as seating, landscaping and pathways. It focuses on imagination and inclusivity.