Bibb Way – 150 new affordable homes in Ipswich – July 2023

Handford Homes, Ipswich Borough Council’s house building company, has signed contracts with East Anglian contractors to start working on the 150 new properties to be located at Bibb Way.

Bibb Way development is situated on brownfield land, a site previously occupied by BT, but which has stood empty since 2015.

Brooks & Wood, Pentaco, and Handford Homes will work in partnership to develop the 150 properties, comprising of a mix of houses and flats, all at affordable rent.

These works will see new pedestrian access to Handford Road, and the construction of a new footpath along the Alderman Canal, giving people easy access to beautiful walks.

Colin Kreidewolf, Chair, Handford Homes, says:

As part of a bigger initiative to provide affordable homes in Ipswich, Handford Homes will deliver over 300 properties over the next three years. Our properties are designed to support our commitment to the environment and sustainable living”.

Handford Homes prides itself on building developments with environmental considerations, including solar panels, increase installation, energy efficient heating, and wildlife corridors.

Steven Russell, Director, Brooks and Wood, says:

“This is an exciting development, and we’re pleased to be partnering with Handford Homes and Pentaco to create beautiful homes for the people of Ipswich”.

Andrew Grady, Director, Pentaco, says:

“Bibb Way will offer people modern homes, built to meet today’s sustainability needs. We are pleased to be part of the project team and we’re confident that the end result will be a great addition to Ipswich housing.

Handford Homes is developing new affordable homes for the Council across four sites: Ravenswood, Bibb Way, Fore Hamlet, and Hawke Road, with some of these set to be ready for new council tenants in 2024.